Guitarist Susan McDonald

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Animal Ballets is a creation of Susan McDonald in which she combines original music with video footage to create sublime live performances in which she is the "orchestra" and the animals are the "dancers."

The subjects are live animals  who seem to dance to her music. In reality, Susan has respectfully composed her music to flow naturally with the movements of the animals. While a bit of creative editing is involved, the animals have given their approval by acting beautifully, humorously and even sometimes outrageously.

Her first project, The Aquarium: a Marine Micro-Ballet for Guitar and Sea Creatures features the strange and funny occupants of a saltwater reef
aquarium, with characters such as the cranky little Pom Pom Crab, the fabulously creative Decorator Crab and the bright red and very active Serpent Star.

She filmed and composed the music for her newest project, "Yasuni: Dances from the Rainforest"  in the Ecuadorian Amazon. In this groundbreaking piece, the music interacts not only with video of the rainforest but with the sounds as well. 

The goal of Animal Ballets is to raise awareness of and appreciation for life forms which are not our own. It is only through that appreciation that we will be inspired to protect these amazing creatures and their fragile environments.


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