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Autumn Dances

Autumn Dances 2001
Collaborations with guitarist John Pearce, harpsichordist Myron McDonald (Susan's father), mandolinist David Peters,fingerpicking champion Muriel Anderson, flutist Christina Jennings and oboist Alecia Lawyer as well as solo pieces--- includes Russian, South American and Jewish pieces as well as some original music by Susan McDonald and John Pearce

The Cathedral

The Cathedral 1995
Second Violin Partita in D minor (J.S. Bach)
Grand Sonata in A major (Niccolo Paganini)
The Cathedral (Agustin Barrios Mangore)


Comfort 1998
music by Myron McDonald, John Pearce, Paul Clancy, Enrique Granados
Up until the release of "Autumn Dances, Susan's most popular CD


Tico-Tico 1996
Latin American favorites, including Susan's arrangement of "La Cumparsita"

The Dream of Christopher Columbus

The Dream of Christopher Columbus 1993
20th century pieces by Rodrigo, Piazzolla and Bacarisse
Currently out of print