Susan McDonald and John Pearce


Susan McDonald has delighted audiences the world over, from community colleges to Carnegie Hall. A protege of Pepe Romero, she has recently released her fifth CD, "Autumn Dances," which includes five pieces recorded by Mariposa. Her 1999 release "Comfort" includes four solo guitar pieces by John Pearce and was the beginning of the association that led to Mariposa.


Well-known classical guitarist Susan McDonald has teamed with wonderfully offbeat guitarist and composer John Pearce to push the boundaries of the guitar duet form. Showcasing Pearce's original compositions and arrangements, Mariposa's music combines sweetness and beausty with sparkling virtuosity, sophistication and wit.

Rather than the traditional melody and accompaniment, the two guitar parts are arranged in an intimately integrated orchestral style full of shimmering textures.



John Pearce was born in the Blue Ridge of Southwest Virginia. He has led a varied career as a classical soloist, theater pit musician, coffeehouse folk musician, studio session man, teacher, arranger and composer. John's compositions for solo guitar have been performed worldwide and are popular with audiences and performers. The present collaboration with Susan McDonald in Mariposa offers him the opportunity to create a new paradigm for guitar duets.


Look for Mariposa's new release, "That Weekend in September"